Latest Hospitality Technology in Dubai that will Dominate the Market in 2022 and Beyond

Latest Hospitality Technology in Dubai that will Dominate the Market in 2022 and Beyond

Hospitality technology in Dubai  – Never in history had the hospitality industry faced such a year as 2020. Not a single aspect of the industry has been left unaffected. As the industry is getting more and more competitive, keeping your fingers on the pulse of technological advancement is essential. Especially in COVID, adapting to the latest hospitality technology is imperative to meet customer expectations and requirements.

Therefore RoofTop Sales, renowned as one of the prominent hospitality technology in Dubai companies, has whipped down these latest hospitality technology in Dubai trends that are predicted to rule the market in years to come.

Hospitality Technology Trend 1#: Contactless Guest Journey and Payments

The term “contactless journey” has been a typical term following the pandemic. It means hotel guests should encounter as little physical touch as possible, and the whole structure, including the payments, should be undertaken bearing in mind the safety and hygiene of customers.

When planning and preparing for a contactless journey, keep in mind that it should be incorporated in all the stages of the journey: prior, during, and after the stay.

Hospitality Technology Trend 2#: Internet of Things (IoT)

This hospitality technology in Dubai trends 2021 has already become an integral part of our daily life – and there stands no reason why this shouldn’t be embraced by the hospitality industry.

IoT is all about automation, syncing the real world and digital world, and linking hardware with software. This hospitality technology in Dubai trend gives guests the freedom to control their entire stay. The idea behind this technology is to offer a seamless, customized, tailored experience that aligns with guests’ expectations of technology.

Hospitality Technology Trend 3#: Hygiene and Safety

The advent of COVID has added a whole new meaning to hygiene and safety. In order to function as normal, hotels and restaurants must pull their safety measures up a notch.

These measures include implementing rules for wearing masks, providing hand gel, increased cleaning, self-protective equipment, maintaining social distancing, and more.

You must communicate and emphasize hygiene and safety prior to the arrival of the guests during their stay – which will make you feel safe, and your efforts will be highly appreciated.

 Hospitality Technology Trend 4#: Integrations

An ever-growing challenge for the hospitality industry is managing a wide variety of systems. To give your guests a seamless experience along with hotel automation, integration is more important than ever.

Hotels adopting interconnectivity and data integration between different tools elevate intelligent workflows, allow staff to focus on guests’ interaction and services, secure hotels for future innovations, among other advantages.

In case you are confused as to how to integrate automation and technology in your business, a flexible, API-driven, fully cloud-based solution will be a great starting point.

Other than these, there are many other hospitality technology trends that you can adapt to your hospitality business to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors over the years to come.

When are you adapting to the latest hospitality technology in Dubai with RoofTop Sales?

To survive and thrive in the highly competitive hospitality industry, your business must keep up with the latest hospitality technology in Dubai advancement. You must always be on your A-Game when it comes to aligning with the latest trends and information.

For any regular business, it is not possible to stay updated with the test knowledge and industry information. In such circumstances, getting the help of experts of hospitality technology companies – like RoofTop Sales – will prove to be truly advantageous for your business, now and also for the future.

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