What to Expect from a Hospitality Technology Consultant Company in Dubai?
What To Expect From A Hospitality Technology Consultant Company In Dubai

What to Expect from a Hospitality Technology Consultant Company in Dubai?

Hospitality Technology: It’s been more than one year when Covid-19 significantly influenced the globe, global and local economy. Even the impact of the epidemic on the tourism and hotel sector has been severe and unexpected.

The hotel and restaurant industries dropped the clip, respectively, to 88.90 USD and 14.62 USD by 2020.

But indications are likely to improve even with worries over the variations to contain the coronavirus. Passengers are now hopeful. The travel in 2021 is 61 % optimistic.

What do hospitality technology companies do?

The hotel technology businesses aim to provide consumers with a pleasant experience, ranging from increased sales to highly-tech guest experiences.

It is vital to make sure that each client is taken care of, whether it is having a great dinner, resting at a luxury spa, or enjoying a nice afternoon rest from home.

Skills that hospitality technology companies have-

  • Customer service skills
  • Networking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Language skills
  • Multitasking skills

However, everyone is not perfect with all these skills. In that case, you need a consultant to guide you through technology integration, compliance, monitoring, and support to make operations easier for their staff team.

Who are Hospitality Technology Consultants?

A hospitality consulting firm is known for providing hospitality firms with technical help and capabilities. These services may not be restricted to project management technology, business information, service and configuration, compliance controls, threat monitoring, continuous IT support, and more.

They enable hotels to implement effective income-enhancing strategies and solutions, including revenue management, feasibility studies, operations, assets management, and even exit plans.

However, how do you know how to choose the appropriate one for your hotel to achieve higher levels with so many hotel consulting services?

Well, here is a list of your consultant’s expectations.

Expectation 1- Superlative experience and expertise-

Go for firms with enough experience in this area. You must verify that you have carried out similar, successful initiatives in the past. Don’t only ask for strong proof based on what they assert.

Choose a renowned and recognized expert in the market. It is vital.

Expectation 2- Ready resources-

The consulting firm must have all the resources to be used for the sake of your hotel. These resources include technology, corporate networks, and a workforce to allow us to develop, help, and advise from start to finish.

Just as a host. Verify the firm that you’re looking for. Any shortcomings or delays might cause loss.

Expectation 3- Laying a foundation of trust

We can’t stress out enough how important it is to have a trust foundation between the consultant and the client. You will know that the company is trustworthy when they are transparent concerning their communication and services.

The company you will work with must share all the details with you blow by blow and grant advice keeping your hotel’s excellence in mind.

Expectation 4- Clearness in billing and contract policies

Many of the discrepancies between consultants and hotels ensue as a result of ambiguous contracts and hidden charges.

It is vital to have a thorough grasp of pricing and terms before you offer a nod or virtually come to a verbal close. Make sure that both are on the same page. After the contract is ready, pore over all the clauses at least twice to avoid conflicts later.

Benefits of working with a hospitality technology consulting company

Hiring a technology partner can bring several benefits for any hotel, irrespective of its size and type. Here are some notable benefits that a consultant offers-

  • Cost-efficient-

External service provider partners have their own resources and infrastructure, so you only have to pay for the service

  • Professional human resource management-

A consultant saves hotels from the trouble of interviews, evaluations, and recruitment efforts.

  • No employment benefits-

They do not have to be bothered about the perks of employees as the technology partners recruit all engineers and consultants.

  • Vast experience and knowledge-

Consultants in hotel technology have extensive expertise in working with other businesses to enhance value while decreasing hotel costs.


Hospitality is more than a place to live or food to eat-it is the development of highly engaging experiences affecting all of the instincts.

With worldwide coverage, RoofTop Sales can provide hospitality technology consulting services to guarantee that your hotel has the equipment it deserves. We assist you to prevent expensive errors and establish specific requirements for your visitor.

Let RoofTop Sales take away the hassle of your hotel’s or future project hospitality technology.

Please contact us for help today.

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