Latest Technology Trends that Revolutionised the Hospitality Industry

Latest Technology Trends that Revolutionised the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has grown tremendously in recent years, with ever-increasing operations, technology has made its way into the industry, Hospitality technology involves the use of IT and e-commerce and similar solutions. This improves the customer’s experience and allows the business owner to streamline and delegate operations to their employees.

hospitality technology in Dubai

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Benefits of embracing the latest technology trends  

  1. Reduces workforce by increasing automation, one person can handle the work of many people and the company can go lean on staffing, this reduces the cost to the company, Hospitality Technology in Dubai, is a common trend. As Dubai caters to tourists and tourists from all over the world. Tourists from developed countries are used to automated services.
  2. Makes your business manageable, by streamlining the process of business, it also improves accuracy at work.  
  3. Improves Customer experience, they see you updated, and the use of technology will make your business appealing to them. customer experience delivery. When a customer is used to upgrading technology, they expect it to be used in all the best places they visit. If they don’t find it, it may leave them dissatisfied, as technology brings comfort and convenience to the customers, it allows them to book the services from anywhere, and good Wi-Fi connectivity allows people to work and manage their important work, even while they are on holiday, it allows no contact payments. 
  4. Increases profits as it reduces costs and saves time, increasing the potential to improve 
  5. Gives you a competitive advantage over other players in the market, if you fail to keep up with the growing trends in technology, your competitor will. And you will find yourself losing to the competition.

Latest trends in Hospitality technology  

  • Voice Search 

Guests find it very convenient to use voice search to find out about restaurants and hotels, business owners can capitalize on this. Incorporate voice search in your website and booking engine.

  • Contactless payment 

This speeds up the payment and it is easily linked to loyalty offers, it’s hygienic and very useful during restrictions to prevent viral infections.

  • Chatbots and the use of AI

Chatbots answer almost all the common questions, and save time for the customer, as they get an immediate response, without having to wait for an IVR, improve sales, and reduce the need for extra staff. 

  • Virtual Reality 

This makes it possible for your customers to see and experience the elements of your hotel before booking. 

  • Mobile check-in  

It is convenient for customers to do mobile check-in which will save them from the hassles at the time of their arrival.  

  • Recognition technology 

Helps in biometric authentication, and is important in maintaining safety and security.

  • Internet of Things IoT

Things like air-conditioning and lights interact with the room temperature and adjust themselves accordingly.  

hospitality technology in Dubai

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