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Upcoming Workshop Of Sales Territory Planning For Field And Distribution Sales Persons

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Accelerate To Win Sales Program

Professional Selling Skills for Distribution Channel Sales

Delivery Methods:

  • Self-discovery and critique
  • Group exploration and facilitator led discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Best practice theory exploration

The success of as a field and distribution sales professional depends on how efficiently and effectively they can manage their sales territory. It is important to build strong sales pipelines and advance sales opportunities with a focus on growing relationships with key and high potential customers.

Field sales executives are accountable for the quality, direction and quantity of the sales activity within their territory. How well they can plan and manage this will ultimately decide their overall performance. When territories are managed properly, strategic or key customer relationships are grown through account plans. When the territory is structured using business planning and exploring territory growth proactively, field sales people advance key sales opportunities and they achieve sales territory targets. 

This training programs introduces a simple five step process to properly manage and plan a sales territory. The process guides participants through setting strategic sales goals based on close analysis of the territory itself, scoring customers for their potential, applying best practice territory routing/coverage patterns, and evaluating their results.

At the core of this program is a more effective and more professional sales approach. This approach depends on asking a series of questions in a specific order. It will enable participants to find out their customers’ needs, uncover problems, and ask questions that help the customer realize the problem he hasn’t been paying attention to is now too big to ignore.

Moreover, many salespeople have a single, preferred style of selling that works with some buyers but not others. Perhaps they use the strategy of making friends with customers. While this works sometimes, there are certain buyers who just don’t like this approach at all. Part of this program will focus on dealing with buyers’ different personalities. Participants will learn how considering each buyer’s personality and modifying their selling style slightly to match each customer’s personality will help them close more sales. Join our accelerate to win sales program.

Course objectives

By The End Of This Training
Course Participants Will Be Able To:

Course Outline

Week 1
Introduction To Professional Selling

Introduction :
Quantity, Direction and
Quality of Sales
  • My circles of influence and concern:
    quantity, direction and quality
  • Being efficient and effective
  • Introduction – the five steps
    sales territory planning and routing

Week 2
The Professional Selling Skill Set

Step 1
Sales Territory
  • Territory competition analysis
  • Territory potential analysis
  • Sales Territory SWOT analysis
  • SWOT analysis skill practice activity

Week 3
Listen And Know Your FAB (Skill Set)

Step 2 :
Customer Potential Analysis
and Scoring
  • Key customer potential concepts
  • What makes a customer “attractive?”
  • Collecting information about
    customer potential
  • Calculating real customer potential

Week 4
Handle Objections And Close The Sale (Skill Set)

Step 3
Territory Objective
  • Why set goals and objectives?
  • Setting strategic sales goals for your territory
  • Making sure your goals are SMART

Week 5
The Professional Selling Mind Set

Step 4
Territory Routing and
Coverage Management
  • What are territory routing patterns?
  • Accumulating effort across your territory
  • Blocking your territory
  • Using territory routing software

Week 6
Understanding Buyer Types And Follow-Up

Step 5
Measure, Evaluate & Take
Corrective Action Where Needed
  • Measure, Evaluate and
    Take Corrective Action Where Needed
  • Taking corrective action
  • Common sales activity time traps

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