RoofTop Sales is a leading sales consultant company in Dubai that aims to help leaders create the change that matters – through meaningful growth and transformation. We know sales is stressful, hence we approach it in a way to gamify it, making it fun and interesting for our clients. RoofTop Sales aims to build world-class sales and service organizations, helping professionals make better business and revenue decisions. We guide, assist and develop businesses to realize their optimum potential capabilities and prepare them to take on the evolving marketplace, handed with the right strategies and tools.

Our sales consulting services are dedicated to helping our clients improve the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions by delivering substantial value today and tomorrow and for the years to come. Don’t mistake us for any sales academy! We cater to the needs and goals of freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners by strategically aligning people, processes, and technology to globally recognized companies. As sales consultants, we specialize to help Technology Companies cater to the Global Hospitality Industry – meeting both the technical and psychological aspects of your business. In a few words, RoofTop Sales are committed to creating change that matters.

Why is it important to hire us?

Most leaders know that the traditional sales mechanism is almost wiped out. Buyers are getting better at buying and sellers are not being able to keep up with their buying pace. This is where RoofTop Sales comes into place.With decades of sales and service experience and performance, we meticulously work with professionals to build world-class sales and service organizations to help them stay a step ahead of growing competition, industry challenges, and complex deals. Our team of expert sales consultants makes sure that your sales efforts and assessment programs are aligned with the right process, people, roles, channels, data, and analytics by leveraging the most valuable digital assets like no other company in the industry.We dive by results! From specific skills programs, expansive training, consulting, research, and technology solution we develop strong, powerful sales content.We believe in teamwork, rather than relying on individual performance. 

With RoofTop Sales you get, Proficient sales consulting solution for your business from a fresh perspective, pinpointing the actual problem while addressing it with hands-on, competent solutions. RoofTop Sales consulting services helps you achieve your business goals seamlessly, by the proper and strategic implementation of short-term plans and goals. By partnering with us, you save time and money and direct it the same to other aspects of the business that requires it the most.With our expert sales consulting, you get direct experience with new methodologies, hospitality technology, new strategies skills, and tactics to grow and survive in this competitive sales industry. Being in the sales industry for over two decades, we possess an extensive and comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and your competitors. Our expert sales consultants will guide you with a solid perspective and will make up for the areas where your business lacks a competitive edge.While working with us, you don’t have to worry about strategic planning and execution.

Our team of experts will take care of the strategic aspect of the business while considering the goals and objectives for business growth.We aim to empower today’s sellers for tomorrow’s opportunities!

What can we do for your business?

According to Harvard Business School, business consultants are the fundamentals in imparting innovation and new knowledge within the industry.

In partnering with RoofTop Sales, you’ll have experts from one of the top-notch sales consulting firms in the world to advise you on various sales and revenue aspects of your business.Our sales consultants will work closely with your organization to design and lay down a well-defined, viable sales compensating system that serves everyone – from frontline salespeople to top-level sales managers. Our sales experts will help transform sales systems and organizations for accelerated performance using a research-based diagnostic framework, Sales System CQ, to identify, analyze and transform your sales. It is specifically designed to uncover new profitable streams, attract and retain talent, making sure your organization is aligned to the business objectives, consistently.

Sales consulting experts at RoofTop Sales approach your sales process starting with an in-depth understanding of your business objective, and then curate and develop unique sales processes, detailing the decisions steps measures, and tools to ensure long-term success.With us, your business gets the best consulting advice to devise the best sales territory management process by accessing your current sales territory and venturing into new territories with strategic alignment and plans.

Why hire RoofTop Sales consulting services?

RoofTop Sales business consultants work closely with Entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers to diagnose business challenges and performance gaps, along with providing guidance and practical solutions to strategies to maximize the revenue of the business.

  • Expansive : RoofTop Sales consulting company provide solutions to your most dominant sales challenges and hurdles and restructures your future success.
  • Dependable : Our consulting approaches are proven practices that assure top-notch, customer-centric results and help you win profitable clients consistently.
  • Immersive : Our sales consulting team studies and analyses every aspect of your business, and brings forward the best, in-depth actionable insights to help your business function to the optimum.
  • Higher Caliber : Our team of expert sales consultants is led by expert sales professionals with a working knowledge that helps add value to your existing client services.
  • Experience : We carry a comprehensive experience of over 2 decades and have achieved over 100s of Million Dollars in sales for multiple global brands.

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested and willing to transition your business to a top-notch sales force in the market, RoofTop Sales is your destination. Get expert advice and guidance from experienced sales professionals who have walked the walk themselves.