Drive Sales with 7 Powerful Sales Tips to buckle up your sales team

Drive Sales with 7 Powerful Sales Tips to buckle up your sales team

In the dynamic business landscape of Dubai, where sales competition is fierce, driving sales success becomes paramount for businesses. To ensure your sales team stands out and achieves remarkable results, it’s crucial to equip them with the right strategies and techniques. And who better to guide them than expert Sales Coaches in Dubai?

In this blog, we unveil seven powerful sales tips, personally curated by seasoned Sales Coaches in Dubai, to give your sales team the edge they need. From mastering the art of effective communication to building robust customer relationships, these proven tips, combined with the insights and support of sales coaches, will elevate your team’s performance to new heights. Get ready to buckle up your sales team and soar past the competition as we embark on a journey to drive unparalleled sales success in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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1 Value your sales force 

Sales reps need loads of positive energy to pitch sales. If they are made to feel undervalued or not heard, it becomes difficult for them to buckle up and get into a positive mindset. Strong unbalanced negative feedback will spiral them into a negative mindset, if you make them feel like a loser, that will set a tone for all their sales meetings.

2 Share your real experience 

As a manager, you share all those instances where you were able to achieve, it is also important for you to share those experiences, where you could not close the deal, and what you’ve learned out of that experience. 

3 Review recorded sales calls 

When you review the sales calls, focus on just three points you want to evaluate and keep your feedback limited to these three points, you may find 10 mistakes to talk about, hold yourself, and don’t overwhelm the rep.

Remember to start the feedback with at least three good things about the call, by this the rep will have an open mind to take in your feedback. 

4 help them evaluate their performance and set goals for themselves   

Instead of you telling them what went wrong, ask them to evaluate and see how they could do better. You will be surprised to see that they are very close to identifying their mistakes, this makes them open to improvements. When you ask them to set up their own targets, it gives them a sense of ownership, and leads to a great probability of them achieving the targets.

  5 Get your rep to create their action plan.

When you ask them for their action plan, they will have clarity in their own head as to how to go about it. And when they express it to you, they are held accountable to follow it through. 

6 Recognise and reward 

Do not wait for Christmas or AGM to reward your team. Whenever they achieve any part of the target, make it a point to reward it immediately, even if it is as simple as a word of appreciation. Don’t withhold and delay appreciation. Do it whenever you can. It works like magic.

7 Managers need to be trained 

Managers must be trained in soft skills. Many managers get right into negative feedback and download too much negativity, this will work for the short term, but it causes damage in the long run. Continued stress will lead to attrition. This is a loss for the company.

Managers who are gentle, persuasive, and follow up gently on a regular basis get optimum and sustained results.

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