Amplify Your Team’s Sales Closing Rates With These Proven Sales Coaching Techniques

Amplify Your Team’s Sales Closing Rates With These Proven Sales Coaching Techniques

Learning a few sales coaching techniques might be the most important thing a sales leader can do today to amp up their team’s performance.

Seems like a bold claim? Well, numbers don’t lie. Sales organizations with the best sales training programs in Dubai:

  • Have better closing rates

Sales companies with dynamic training programs achieve 28% higher win rates

  • Generate more revenue

Firms that provide a sufficient amount of coaching to their team see 16.7% greater annual revenue growth

However, sales coaching is not that easy. Without proper sales coaching techniques, goals, and implementation, your sales training program is doomed to fail.

So, if sales coaching hasn’t been a priority for you, time to make it. Here we have some actionable sales coaching techniques to kickstart your training program.

Strategic Sales Coaching Techniques

Use Data To Find Out Where Your Team Needs Help

Figuring out where to start is often the best challenge in sales coaching. Especially if you have been out of the coaching game for a long time.

Fortunately, with the latest sales coaching tools, you can easily solve this issue. Ask your sales team to use a tool that tracks, records, and catalogs their every action. This data will convey to you a clear story of how a sales rep is performing.

So, before your next training session, pull out a few key stats of your rep. Is the rep making enough calls and setting enough demos? Is he converting enough leads and able to close deals?

The tool or software has all these answers. It will pinpoint exactly where your sales coaching can do the most good.

Incorporate Visuals To Illustrate Team Performance

Visual training leads to higher rates of comprehension and retention. It is obviously easier to understand something we can see than something we are forced to imagine or conceptualize.

So, it would be completely foolish to not make visuals your sales coaching techniques

If a rep is at the bottom of the team leader board, show them where they stand. This will have a far more impact on motivating them to get to the top. Or if a rep has low conversion rates, demonstrate to them where in the sales cycle they are losing their opportunities. 

Review Call Recordings

Call recordings have emerged as one of the most indispensable sales coaching techniques. They are a goldmine of insight into team performance improvements. So, make sure to take full advantage of call recordings.

Take time to review your rep’s recorded calls before your next training session. Make notes of specific topics and conversational attributes you would like to discuss.

Reviewing such points will be highly valuable for your sales reps. They can review and monitor their behavior in the future.

Build Trust With Authentic Stories

This has to be one of our best sales coaching techniques on this list. For the sales training program to work, you must earn your rep’s trust. This will allow them to be more open about their performance challenges.

The best way to kickstart this is by sharing some personal and professional stories. These anecdotes should be authentic. It should reveal faults and weaknesses as much as successes.  

Sharing stories has two goals –

  • To support reps with relatable stories so that they know they are not struggling alone
  • To let them know there are ways to address and overcome challenges

For instance – a sales manager may share details about their first failed sales call. While doing this, highlight the poor preparation, aggressive posturing, and lack of empathy during the conversation. 

This must be followed by the steps the manager took to fix these mistakes. For e.g., call rehearsing or early-stage research into the prospect’s background, position, and pain points.

Keep A Check On How Much You Are Talking

One of the most essential sales coaching techniques is to buy in from both parties. 

Just like a sales call, you must listen more than you speak. As a sales manager, you must always lead the coaching session. But you must lead with questions and really listen to answers.

Playing such an active role in the coaching session will help your reps feel more involved in the process. They will get more motivated to follow through with it.

Learn What Motivates Your Sales Team

If compensation was enough to keep a modern sales team motivated, there would be no need for sales coaching. But that is just not the way the sales world works anymore. 

Salespeople are dynamic and are motivated by a lot of factors in addition to money. The best sales coaches learn about their reps based on what drives each individual. And understanding what motivates your sales team doesn’t require you to be Sherlock Holmes.

Just ask the reps a few simple questions in your next training session such as –

  • What was the highest point of your work week?
  • What was the best call you had?
  • Where do you see yourself in your sales career a year from now?

You will be amazed at how much you can learn about what motivates your sales reps and makes them tick.

Have A Sales Coaching Plan

No matter which sales coaching techniques work best for you, the crucial thing is to codify them into a concrete coaching plan. According to CSO Insights, 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to random coaching approaches.

So, don’t let your training program fall into that trap. Stay consistent with a formalized process that helps –

  • Set expectations with your team
  • Develop buy-in
  • Save a lot of time and resources 

Learn Essential Sales Coaching Techniques At RoofTop Sales

The expert sales coaches at RoofTop Sales focus on different coaching styles and how they can be applied to various scenarios. We train you on how to use effective questioning and listening to provoke your team members in creating their own solutions. 

Equip yourself with modern sales coaching techniques and lead a more autonomous and proactive team. Enroll now!

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