Why ‘The Client Is Often Right’ Is Wrong:
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Why ‘The Client Is Often Right’ Is Wrong:

1: It makes workers sad –

In conflicts between workers and unruly customers, he would systematically aspect along with his folks. Here’s however he places it:
this perspective is that it balances workers and customers. The “always right” maxim squarely favours the client that could be an unhealthy plan, because, as Bethune says, it causes enmity among workers.
Of course, there are lots of samples of unhealthy workers giving lousy client service however making an attempt to unravel this by declaring the client “always right” is counter-productive.

2: It offers abrasive customers an unfair advantage –

Using the expression “The client is often right,” abusive customers will demand with reference to something — they’re right by definition, aren’t they? This makes the employees’ jobs that a lot more durable once making an attempt to rein them in.
Also, it implies that abusive folks recuperate treatment and conditions than nice folks. That forever appeared wrong to us, and it makes far more sense to be nice to the good customers to stay them returning.

3: Some customers are unhealthy for business –

Most businesses assume that “a lot of customers the better”. however some customers are quite merely unhealthy for business.
Note that it absolutely was not even a matter of a monetary calculation — not a matter of whether or not either company would build or lose cash on its client within the long-standing time. it absolutely was a straightforward matter of respect and dignity and of treating their workers right.

4: It leads to worse client service –

Put workers 1st and that they are going to be happy at work. workers who are happy at work offer higher client service because:
They care a lot about people, together with customers. They have a lot of energy. They are happy, which means they’re a lot of fun to speak to and act with. They are a lot of intended. On the opposite hand, once the corporate and management systematically aspect with customers rather than with workers, it sends a transparent message that:
Employees aren’t valued
Treating workers fairly isn’t necessary
Employees don’t have any right to respect from customers
Employees have to be compelled to place up with everything from customers.
When this perspective prevails, workers stop caring regarding service. At that time, genuinely sensible service is nearly not possible — the most effective customers will hope for is faux sensible service. you recognize the type I mean: courteous on the surface solely.

5. Some customers are just completely wrong –

Read this story from Bethune’s book From Worst to First:

A Continental flight attendant once was offended by a passenger’s child wearing a hat with Nazi and KKK emblems on it. It was pretty offensive stuff, so the attendant went to the kid’s father and asked him to put away the hat. “No,” the guy said. “My kid can wear what he wants, and I
don’t care who likes it.”
The flight attendant went into the cockpit and got the first officer, who explained to the passenger the FAA regulation that makes it a crime to interfere with the duties of a crew member. The hat was causing other passengers and the crew discomfort, and that interfered with the flight attendant’s duties. The guy better put away the hat.
He did, but he didn’t like it. He wrote many nasty letters. We made every effort to explain our policy and the federal air regulations, but he wasn’t hearing it. He even showed up in our executive suite to discuss the matter with me. I let him sit out there. I didn’t want to see him and I didn’t want to listen to him. He bought a ticket to our aeroplane, and that means we’ll take him where he wants to go. But if he’s going to be rude and offensive, he’s welcome to fly another airline.
The fact is that some customers are just plain wrong, that businesses are better off without them, and that managers siding with unreasonable customers over employees are a very bad idea, which results in worse customer service.
So any business needs to put its people first — and watch them put the customers first.


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