Ace To Win


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Professional Selling Skills for Sales Managers

Delivery Methods:

  • Self-discovery and critique
  • Group exploration and facilitator led discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Best practice theory exploration

A successful sales manager’s job is to provide clear direction and support to his/her team that will enable them to excel and to reach their full potential. Sales managers often rise to this position from a successful career in sales. But, the skills required of a successful sales manager are quite different from the skills of a successful sales person. This is the reason many top sales people fail as sales managers.

After completing this highly interactive two-day program, participants will understand the responsibilities of a successful sales manager and how it differs from the role of a salesperson. Participants will explore key leadership skills that will help motivate their sales team to excellence. Additionally, participants will learn specialized sales management skills such as sales forecasting, planning, and monitoring.


By The End Of This Training
Course Participants Will Be Able To:


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