Are you having trouble converting leads into sales? Or just wishing to sell more? Even for experienced sales representatives, the training is an opportunity to refresh sales skills.

As a key stakeholder in your sales performance for your company, you may be seeking ways to help them with countless challenges shaped by today’s business world. When looking to inspire attendees at a sales meeting or event, it is demanding to select the right speaker. You want to choose someone whose words compel your sales team to accomplish long after they’ve heard them. To help value-leading organizations like yours, we provide a wide range of sales training programs that will elevate your approach to sales, resulting in more business won at a higher overall profit.

Solve your toughest sales challenges with RoofTop Sales. We can help create the sales people of today and tomorrow.

Why Sales Training Is Important?

Here is the quick answer! Sales Training is important because sales bring in revenue which is the lifeblood of a business. We would never hire a Lawyer, Accountant or Tradesperson if they hadn’t been trained. According to Hubspot research, nearly 37% of salespeople face challenges while facing their prospects.A well-trained sales professional or sales team will outsell and build strong relationships for future business. Sales Training can benefit your business in a myriad of ways. 

  • Build Brand Loyalty- Sales Training can help you strengthen your credibility and position you in the eyes of your customers as Thought Leaders in your industry.
  • Business Growth- Quality sales training can give your team the knowledge that they need execute your business growth strategy and take it to the next level.
  • Optimize Customer Experience- Having Sales training is important for a brand to improve and deepen its relationships with its customers.
  • Knowledge Is Power- The more your sales team have an idea of what the business does and sell, the more effective they will be when informing others about the brand.
  • Learning From Mistakes Is Expensive- Sales training help the sales team develop guides on best practice to make sure the same mistakes are not being repeated again in the organization.
  • Versatility & Flexibility- Sales training helps sales professionals to work with different types of industries, businesses and buyers by improving communication skills in a way that helps you and your team enhance their relationships with people both internally and externally.

There will always be a million reasons to invest in sales training. Want to know the reason? Connect with Us now. We are here to help You.

Sales Training: Is It Worth It For Your Business?

Each of us can have questions like “Do salespeople improve after receiving sales training? Do companies get value for their investment in sales training programs?In many instances, we found the results of training efforts to be disappointing. When we talk about “results”, we’re talking about performance improvement, not a verbal endorsement. But in a real sense, sales training has proven beneficial to the bottom line of a business. It can make a huge difference in the overall performance of a business and enhance the overall well-being of sales representatives.

  • Boost Revenue – Effective business training will keep everyone on their toes. This will have a direct impact on sales and revenues.
  • Improve Productivity- The more clarity and milestones the team has, the more productive it is to be more efficient and effective.
  • Help close bigger deals – Your sales force becomes more powerful and skilled in entering into large contracts with the assistance of sales training programs.
  • Bring new clients and appease the current one – Sales training has an added benefit, namely, improved customer service that in turn can attract more customers and appease existing customers.
  • Employee satisfaction – People appreciate being trained to have a clear direction and instructions. Sales training can help them improve their work, thereby successively improving their satisfaction.
  • Understanding of products and services – We can’t sell anything if we don’t know everything about a product or service. An effective sales trainer will educate sales representatives about the products and services they sell.
  • Inspire creativity – There is no secret that sales trainers are masters at listening and observing. They will not only listen to your ideas but also help them to achieve them with realistic goals.
  • Strengthen your organization – Good sales training can bring the team together for a win turning them into champions.They ensure that everything is running like clockwork for the organization.

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Why Choose Sales Training Programs From RoofTop Sales?

A successful business understands the importance of growing its profitable accounts. Sales professionals are working harder to maintain their existing clients base while reaching out to new customers.Customer expectations are increasing not only in volume but also in complexity. Almost 8 out of ten reps were unable to ask queries in front of real, live customers.

There are four key challenges that modern professional sales teams are facing.

  • Building trust online 
  • Closing deals
  • Prospecting good leads
  • Establish urgency

These are the top four challenges, but there are many of them on the list. To overcome all these challenges, you need a mentor who helps your team to make better decisions about their outreach and conversion tactics to accelerate the business growth.At RoofTop Sales, we understand the challenges that an organization face and how to achieve desired outcomes by breaking the rules, change the game and avoid common sales problems altogether.

Our sales training programs include –

  • Action To win Program for All Sales Executives
  • Ace To Win Program for Business Leaders & Sales Managers
  • Accelerate To Win Program for Distributing Channels


Action To Win

Professional Selling Skills Development Course For Sales Executives

Sales Training

For every dollar a company invests in training, it returns about $29 in incremental revenues. This is equivalent to a 353% ROI. [Accenture]
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Ace To Win

Sales Management Training For Business Leaders & Senior Managers

Sales Consulting

Top Performance requires a strategic edge, that’s why 75% of Fortune 500 CEO's have an outside expert to guide them grow their business. [Forbes]
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Accelerate To Win

Sales Territory Planning And Execution Training For Field And Distribution Sales Persons

Sales Coaching

Firms, where salespeople get consistent coaching, see 73% quota attainment. For every US$ 1 spent on Business Coaching, companies see returns of US$ 7 [Forbes]
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Programs Benefits -

  • Improve Efficiency and Time Management
  • Early Recognition of New Business Opportunites
  • Increase Margin & ROI for a business
  • Improve Positioning, Questioning & Negotiation Skills
  • Increase Client retention
  • Develop Profitable, Long-Term Customer Relationships

What makes us different from other sales training companies is that we do nothing like old school method, our approach is completely practical and data-driven that can upskill your team selling performances. We provide 360-degree training solutions from entry-level to senior management.

Training more than 282+ corporates, we have successfully generated more than $396+ M for our prospects. At RoofTop Sales, we focus to help a business grow 10x rather than 10%.

With a 10x mindset in our mind, we can grow your business and take it to the next level.

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